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A Deeper Consciousness

We’re on a mission to not only create some of the world's most breathtaking jewelry;
We want to share our stone's most powerful healing values.


As A Gemologist

My personal journey with jewelry and stones has been a long and interesting story that I’d love to share. I am a trained gemologist—educated on identifying stones, their characteristics, and market values. It was only recently that my perspective on stones shifted to a more personal level. I began to understand that, as crystals, they have mystical properties and very powerful healing values. 

My Personal Journey

Over time, I have become more and more invested in developing a deeper consciousness with each stone while also gaining a full understanding of the amount of information and wellness properties that they each embody. Their strong energy fields can be used to raise our personal vibrations. The stones help us with alignment, health, abundance, and tranquility. It is to our great advantage to hold and wear these powerful stones throughout our daily lives. They are not only beautiful, but their effects are extremely beneficial to our minds and bodies—allowing protection and effectiveness in our personal, physical, mental and emotional states.


Spreading the Love

All of the pieces in my collection retain the love and care that we pour into the design and production processes further enhancing their natural beauty and energies.

Finding Clarity

The beauty of a diamond's sparkle is the result of how well it has been cut. The aspects of cut that contribute most to a diamond's beauty are proportion, symmetry and polish. Although nature determines the characteristics of a piece of diamond rough, the hands of the master cutter releases its fire and brilliance. María José Jewelry diamonds are personally selected based on individual cut and beauty.